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Uncle sams is more than proud to present a legend in his own right the one and only Captain America our daredevil human cannonball.


Captain America is one of only 6 people in the whole world to ever attempt to perform such a dangerous feat no gimmicks no pretence his bravery has no limits seeing truly is believing.


Captain has wowed audiences all over the globe and we are proud to be able to bring him direct from the USA to the United Kingdom

The Torralvo clowns

Multi award winning musical clowns the torralvo family will bring the most traditional form of circus comedy with slapstick antics musical instruments and pranks the family are one of the most famous in the circus industry and will have the audience enthralled


Angel and niki

Making his first ever appearance at uncle sams Antony a daring brave young man will perform a chair balance act with the greatest of ease performing handbalance tricks whilst building a huge tower of chairs seeing really is believing

Making her first ever appearance at Uncle Sams miss Talia

She flys through air with the greatest of ease a daring young lady on the swinging Trapeze.

The thunderball riders

Our master of balance angel and the beautiful Miss niki will perform a slack wire act perform unique and amazing feats on the silver thread what this talented artiste can't perform on the wire it simply can't be done

Also angel is well accomplished juggler and will be performing his spectacular juggling act in this year's performance


Uncle sams very team of stunt riders are back the daredevils will be zooming around the giant globe at break neck speeds the audience will be on the edge of thier seats with there death defying feats

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